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Susan van Gelder has many years of experience in the classroom in a progressive school. She has taught IT, Philosophy for Children and has worked extensively with teachers to help them integrate computers in their teaching. Susan has also been involved in the Logo community and is a firm believer in constructivist education.

Susan has taught courses at the university level and has also been invited to other courses as a guest lecturer. Susan van Gelder has presented sessions and hands-on workshops at a number of conferences, including: ECOO (Educational Computing Organization of Ontario), NECC, Springboards, NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools) and ICTE (International Conference on Technology and Education).

As a consultant for LEARN, Susan works with others to plan and deliver workshops, to create web support for teachers and to create materials to support the implementation of the Quebec Education Programme in schools. She has served on committees for the MELS as a pedagogical / technical support. Susan has had experience training teachers to incorporate laptops in the classroom.

  • January 2015
  • March 2013

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